⭐️ 17.000 MERCHANDISE⭐️

The doors to Episode 6 closed 48 hours ago. Many of you visited the Alpexpo alleys and came to share with us these 2 days of meetings and discoveries!

Thank you for your smiles along the aisles!

Thank you to our exhibitors, creators, partners and events for their involvement in offering you all these experiences!

Thank you to the artists present: authors, illustrators, actors, musicians, cosplayers, influencers who came to share their passions with you!

Thank you to our volunteers, our service providers, our technical staff😘

Thank you all for your objective feedback which is our driving force to continue to progress, grow and offer even richer future editions.

See you next year for even more fun, laughter and superheroes! 🦸‍♂️💥



You asked us for them, here they are: the photos taken with our guest Holly Marie Combs 📸

You can download yours in HD from now until July 31. If you would like it to be deleted from the album (note that any deletion is permanent), contact us by DM / PM with a screen of the photo and its place in the album (day / time). 💌📬

The link to download your photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VEecnb2VFkK6aKnz9Ly7Rl222LgtbGzY?usp=sharing


Relive the magic of HeroFestival Grenoble Episode 6 📸

All photos taken during the event are available. Discover all our thematic albums: our different universes, gatherings, guests, shows, and much more.

Click on the link below to discover and download your favorite memories in HD. Don't miss a single image of this epic adventure!

The link to download your photos: https://urlr.me/M1bGL

Our photos are freely accessible so you can download and share them. Remember to tag @herofestival and the photographer credited in the photo. THANKS ! ❤️


Credit photos: @beaute_cachee_anthony , @chach_photographie38 , @neku_valkai , @lmpierrphoto2 , @mister_woolf , @oeildeflint , @pjgoujon , @walex_prod , @cbe38.fr